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2010.10.01 07:55

[GIU][UNIT 059] have

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[have] have = have got

I have 명사 = I have got + N [I've got + N] : 가지고 있다.

I have a new car. = I've got a new car.  ||  She has long hair. = She's got long hair.(She has = She's)

Do Amy and Ed have any children? = Have Amy and Ed got any children?

Tim doesn't have a job. = Tim hasn't got a job.

How much time do you have? = How much time have you got?


I have a headache. = I have got a headache. 아프다

have = have got 아픈 것을 표현 할때

I have[have got] a headache / a toothache / a stomachache / a pain (in my leg) / a cold / a cough /

                   / a sore throat / a fever / the flu

I have a headache. = I've got a headache. || Do you have a cold? = Have you got a cold?


[과거시제] got은 안됨. I had / I didn't have / Did you have

* Have you got ...? 은 = Do you have ...? 이며 have got은 현재시제이다.

When I first met Soo-jin, she had short hair.

He didn't have any money because he didn't have a job.  ||  Did you have a cold last week?


[have 다른 표현]

[1. 다른표현들] 먹다 / 마시다 (have got (x)) have breakfast / have a good time

I have /a sandwich. / a pizza / a snack / a cup of coffee / a glass of milk 등 somthing to eat/drink

"Where's Amy?" - "She's having lunch." ≒ "She's having got lunch.(x)

"Have a cookie!" 쿠키 가져왔어!(쿠키 먹어!) - "Oh thank you"

I had three cups of coffee this morning.  ||  Can I have somthing to eat?  ≒ have got은 틀림


[2. 다른 표현들] 파티를 연다 / 사고가 생겼다 / 아기를 낳았다 / 말다툼을 한다

have + a vacation / a party / a dream / an accident / a baby / an argument

We're having a party next Friday. Can you come? ~ 파티를 열 것이다.

Ji-soo had an accident on the way to work. ~사고가 생겼다.

Sandra jus had a baby. It's a boy. ~아기를 낳았다.

Jack and I never agree. We he have an argument every time we meet. ~만날 때마다 말다툼을 한다.


[3. 다른 표현들] ~을 경험하다, ~하게 (시간을) 보내다 / 갖다

have + fun / a (good) time / a (nice) day / a nice weekend / a great vacation / a good flight /

"My vacation starts tomorrow' - "Have a great time" 즐겁게 보내

"How was your trip?" - " We had a terrible flight, but after that I had fun.

"Did you have a nice weekend?" - "Yes, thanks, Very nice!"

I'm having a bad day. Everything is going wrong.


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